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The Permanent Crew

Jess & Damien brought Brupeg as a freshly sunken trawler four years ago and have been rebuilding her with the help of our volunteers. Their both kiwis, Jess is from southern New Zealand and spent most of her young life outdoors. Damien is from Nelson/Malborough where he learnt to sail in race dinghies. Jess has a background in Psychology & Anthropology and this project fulfils a life-long dream for her. Jess is captain of the project, Damien is captain of the boat. Damien has a background in Mechanics with a particular focus on engine reconditioning. Jess & Dame plan to have up to four permanent crew on the boat at any given time.

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Our Volunteers

Whether its building Brupeg, on an expedition, research missions or trips, volunteers are a big part of Project Brupeg. We work hard to fund Project Brupeg and are extremely lucky to have financial help from our Patrons and all sorts of help from our volunteers. Whether working on the boat, donating parts, or helping with funding and advice. One of the best parts of this project is the community that's built up around the building of Brupeg and we look forward to having people onboard from around the world. If your interested get in touch.

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