Dump & Run Work List


Anchor winch put back together

Weld in base plate for anchor winch

Complete - Organize new worm gear shaft being made

Rubber sheets measured, cut and stored for anchor room



Pin hole welded in starboards side tank

Filler for tank welded

Filler welded into deck for Portside water tank

Fill and empty water tanks 3 times

Cut and hole punch white water gasket for 3 hatches

Pressure test Portside tanks

Office studio and front cabin

Bolt everything down

Router corners of shelving

Bolt white wear down



Sticky stuff for youtube box (Bunnings)

Sort YouTube box and stow

Electrics Velcro-ed down

Completed - NAS moved into office velcro-ed against wall

Bolt seats down (foot rests made)?

Velcro engine gauges panels down


Bolt pins and collars

Plastic runs finished

Portside wing pressure tested

Fit anode portside 

Weld lifting eyes on arms

Weld stainless stairs on both arms



Sand blast hull panels and paint

Tap through bung holes and buy new bungs & fit

Light blast all paint/repaint x 4

Logo and reflective line on

Below deck cabins

Insulation cut and into front roof

Complete - Cut and weld 3x plates in hull

Fit depth transducer 

Complete - Paint welds in hull


Storage area

Stack storage boxes safely

Storage unit metal stowed

Freezer attached

Holes to engine bay through  bulkhead sealed x 3-4

Stainless shelving - fiddles and locks on draws

Fish bin storage crates ordered



Complete - Fuel system

Complete - coolant tank

Alternator wired up, batteries strapped down 2 weeks

Orange generator exhaust together 1-2 days


Under the boat:


Collar on rudder tightened

Trim fins on rudder, blast and paint

Weld anodes on rudder 

Rudder re greased after antifouled


Blasting above deck

Complete - Modify sand blaster with bigger tank

Complete - Dry, sieve and store 2 IBC of sand 

Vents, any areas, under deck(roof) at back deck and wheel house rims


Gates locked x3

Fair leads made on transom x2 bend bar, cut weld and weld in


Paperwork & legals

Insurance survey $600

Insurance $3000

Registration $700