Keeping our crew safe during Covid-19

Hi everyone, while we normally love seeing our supporters wearing their Brupeg kit proudly, we don't want to put anyone in harm's way.  As such we have taken our merchandise off sale for the short term as the suppliers we print and ship our gear from, are not closing down, we don't want to risk their staff printing our gear and we also don't want you to receive anything from a supplier that may not know if they are passing anything on. 

We love that you are willing to support us, this is a temporary hold on Brupeg gear, and its to allow everyone time to flatten the curve and stay safe. We want you with us for the long term, so a minor inconvenience is worth it we think.

You can still support the project by becoming a Patreon and you will receive mugs, shirts and hoodies sent to you by us as soon as our supply is back up and running

You Ole Mug - $5 /week

Holy Shirt! - $10 /week

Are you blimmin serious champ - $25 /week

All Patreons get access to twice-weekly episodes (we only charge for one per week), you will also have access to our exclusive Patreon only live feed known as the round table, this happens on the first Sunday of the month every month. On top of all of this, you get the ability to physically get onboard Brupeg when all of this Corvid stuff settles down and until then we will be keeping our digital contact with you, our support crew on the double (literally). Thanks for considering supporting the project. Jess & Dame

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