Three ways you can get on board Brupeg

Thanks for your support of Brupeg! We have built Brupeg with the goal of sharing, she is built tough and heading to some pretty remote and wild places. We want to take our supporters with us, so we have 3 ways you can physically get on board Brupeg with us.

Monthly Public Tour

If you're curious and would like to see Brupeg in the flesh you can RSVP into our monthly public tours, these run on the last Sunday of the month every month between 3 pm - 5 pm.

If you're a Patreon or PayPal supporter to Project Brupeg, when we can, we make ourselves available to suit your schedule. 

Please make sure you book in.

Volunteering on Board

You can volunteer to help out on Brupeg This can be from a day, a weekend or longer. We have berths available for our volunteers so if you need it we may be able to help out with accommodation on board while you're here. 

Please don't book travel to Brupeg without first talking and confirming with us.

Crewing with us

And finally, we have permanent crew onboard Brupeg! If this is something you can see yourself doing and you would like to be an integral part of the Brupeg Project get in touch. Permanent Crew are normally with us for 3-12 months or longer. You will get to see the absolute nuts and bolts of what it takes to run a project like this and be part of the decision making team on board. You can come on a trip to a remote location, join us on a project or help us coordinate our project ongoingly. You will be helping build, maintain and sail in an expedition boat around the world, meeting different kinds of people and completing challenging projects.

Please don't book travel to Brupeg without first talking and confirming with us.