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Ways you can get on board Brupeg

Volunteering on Board

You can volunteer to help out on Brupeg This can be from a day, a weekend or longer. We have berths available for our volunteers so if you need it we may be able to help out with accommodation on board while you're here. 

Please don't book travel to Brupeg without first talking and confirming with us.

Crewing with us

And finally, we have permanent crew onboard Brupeg! If this is something you can see yourself doing and you would like to be an integral part of the Brupeg Project get in touch. Permanent Crew are normally with us for 3-12 months or longer. You will get to see the absolute nuts and bolts of what it takes to run a project like this and be part of the decision making team on board. You can come on a trip to a remote location, join us on a project or help us coordinate our project ongoingly. You will be helping build, maintain and sail in an expedition boat around the world, meeting different kinds of people and completing challenging projects.

Please don't book travel to Brupeg without first talking and confirming with us. 

We're a community funded research & expedition boat, finishing the last stage of our rebuild & about to launch. We will be spending our first season in the Great Barrier Reef & New Caledonia. We're looking for volunteers to help us complete the launch and/or are open to travelling with us as crew. We donate seatime to help marine researchers & a variety of other projects, we are all volunteers willing to donate our time to a great cause, & our reward is the ability to travel indefinitely around some of the most amazing ocean & coastal areas on the planet. We are a YouTube channel, we video most things, love animals/nature/photography & want to create an amazing environment for a really cohesive crew. It’s hard work at times, but we LOVE a laugh, don’t like drama, & love to have great conversations over dinner. We're looking for a variety of people from housekeeper/organiser/cook through to mechanically minded people, videographers & editors. Passion overrides qualifications for us. To fit this crew you must love animals & feel positive towards the humans as well. Our vessel 'Brupeg' was a fishing trawler that had sunk, we have recycled her back to life, using donations, recycled parts & self built components with the help of an amazingly supportive online global community of experts & volunteers. She is now designed to run on waste cooking oil & biodiesel so she can be a carbon neutral research boat. We look forward to hearing from you.

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