Permanent Crew on Brupeg

One of the reasons we created a boat as big and capable as Brupeg was so we could share the project with others. We take on permanent crew who become a vital part of Project Brupeg. 

When deciding who will be permanent crew, we consider things like health, skills, experience, personality, if your hard-working, honest and motivated. Because of our YouTube channel, our permanent crew needs to be comfortable with a camera capturing most of the work they do for the boat, daily living onboard and also be comfortable grabbing a camera themselves to capture something awesome (think whale breaching beside the boat or a glacier calving off into a fiord). You don't have to have experience in that world as we can teach you what you will need to know. Your privacy won't ever be compromised on Brupeg but almost all work is filmed. 

We do ask a few more questions about our permanent crew applicants as we need to understand who is coming on board and how you will fit with the rest of the crew. This is a two-way street, if you don't like us, its a crap environment for everyone so this is about finding harmony and fit. 

Help us get to know you

How long would you like to crew for?
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Is there anything you want to get experience in?

Some people want to learn to do photography or their own blog or channel. Some want to learn how to refit a boat or finance a project. It might be to learn how to apply Brupeg project skills to another project or to get experience on the ocean or how to be a caregiver or housekeeper on expedition projects. Maybe its to become a member of the core crew permanently. For some, it’s just the experience of helping out… let us know so we can focus on that area with you.  

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