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Engine alignment DONE!, time to get exhausted - Project Brupeg Ep.321
Building a freshwater system in our expedition trawler - Project Brupeg Ep.320
Aligning the propeller shaft and gearbox - Project Brupeg Ep.319
It's not all about size (Brupeg gets mounted)... - Project Brupeg Ep. 318
Building new engine beds in our steel expedition trawler - Project Brupeg Ep. 317
Brupeg's Custom Alloy Pontoon Dinghy - Project Brupeg Ep. 316
Welding our Dinghy Ready for Launch - Project Brupeg Ep.315
Welding the bilge closed - Brupeg Ep.314
We Found A Hidden Oil Tank - Project Brupeg Ep.313
Making an oil tank safe to cut into
A MIG welder tries to stick weld
THE GEARBOX DOESN'T FIT!!! - Project Brupeg Ep.312
Our Review of Brupeg's Ortur LM3 Laser Etch Engraver Printer from Sinis
It's Engine Time... - Project Brupeg Ep.311
Brupeg's Stabilisers, Armed and Ready - Project Brupeg Ep.310
Brupeg gets her wings back - Ep.309
You call that a what?
Something special happened in the engine room - Project Brupeg Ep.308
Manscaped on Brupeg #teammanscaped
Topdeck Refit & Creating Sea Safe Walkways - Project Brupeg Ep.307
Anchor Room Refit for Launch - Project Brupeg Ep.306
Brupeg's hull is watertight! - Project Brupeg Ep.305
Job Chaos on Board - Project Brupeg Ep.304
Learning to MIG weld from scratch - Project Brupeg Ep.303
Brupeg's Crew Assembles! - Ep. 302
10 personal things you might not know about Brupeg
Brupeg's Deck Hatch Rebuild - Ep.301
What's next for Brupeg's Engine? - Episode. 300
Brupeg's Engine gets lifted in - Project Brupeg Ep.299
Project Brupeg's GO FUND ME engine install prep - Ep.298
From this... to that! - Project Brupeg Ep.297
9 days to go until the motor goes in - Project Brupeg Ep. 296
This episode left us baffled - Project Brupeg Ep. 295
Brupeg's Engine Dyno Test - Full power on Vege oil - Project Brupeg Ep.294
Trawler engine on DYNO running on vege oil
Brupeg's Digital Monitoring System - an overview - Project Brupeg Ep.293
Strengthening the Black Water Tanks Using Fibreglass - Project Brupeg Ep.292
DIY Black Water Tanks Using Ply & Glass - Project Brupeg Ep. 291
What's left to do in 2023, before we can launch Ep. 290
How many men does it take to start a $100 outboard? - Project Brupeg Ep. 289
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