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Volunteering on Brupeg

We love having volunteers on Brupeg with us! We also need to align the upcoming jobs on Brupeg with the skills and approximate travel dates of each volunteer. Because of that we need to get a bit more information from you.

On Brupeg, it's normal for the work to be sanding, painting, welding, grinding, lifting, cooking, swearing, shovelling, thinking, hauling, designing, fabricating etc and we get that not all of those jobs suits everybody. We don't want to ask someone to do something they don't feel able to do, hence the more we know about you the better we can plan your visit. It also very easy for things to go wrong on a project like this, so we have to be careful about deciding who’s suitable because of the conditions working or sailing on Brupeg.

We have different levels of volunteering:  

One to two days over a weekend  

Up to a week

A week to a month

Volunteering to be crew for a trip or project  

Applying to be permanent crew (which is usually 3-12 months onboard) is a more involved process. 

Please don't book travel to Brupeg without first talking and confirming with us. 

Help us get to know you

How long are you thinking of staying with Brupeg
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