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Brupeg is able to do so much more because of our sponsors


The solar panels that we use on Brupeg are something we are really proud of, BougeRV are a major supporter of Brupeg and our mission. If you are looking to get some top of the line solar for your RV, Boat or camper then consider these CIGS panels. that can be glued down to your roof, can be walked on, and perform better than solid panels in environments where shading will happen, perfect for boats with masts and structures above the panels.

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Unimig are a major sponsor of Brupeg and are a brand we trust deeply.On Brupeg we have been using Unimig welders for close to 5 years now and they have been some of the most consistent performing machines onboard. We trust these welders (and now plasma cutter) to be dependable strong performers. When we needed help from the service team we are able to speak directly to the people that fix the machines and the service has been extraordinary, something we are not used to with toold these days. 


Our Volunteers

Whether its building Brupeg, on an expedition, research missions or trips, volunteers are a big part of Project Brupeg. We work hard to fund Project Brupeg and are extremely lucky to have financial help from our Patrons and all sorts of help and expertise from our volunteers. Whether working on the boat, donating parts, or helping with funding and advice. One of the best parts of this project is the community that's built up around the building of Brupeg and we look forward to having people onboard from around the world. If your interested get in touch.

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